Coach Pabon’s Youtube Vlog


I decided to start doing a VLOG just to capture different moments throughout the year.

As of right now, the plan is to upload a weekly VLOG.
As I get more comfortable in editing my videos, I may increase the frequency of my uploads.  We’ll see.

Follow along on my journey of weekly vlogging as a husband, father, son, uncle, cousin, coach, educator, and all around good human being.

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Coach Pabon was a successful Cyber Threat/Intel Analyst w/in the U.S. Intel Community.
(8-yrs U.S. Navy veteran | U.S. Army Intel as a civilian)

Coach Pabon is now an educator at a local public HS. He has taught Digital Design, U.S. History, and Self-Defense for JROTC cadets.
He now teaches AVID elective classes, as well as Freshmen Success classes.

He used to be a Conditioning Coach for the HS baseball team. He is now the Head Coach for Boy’s Swimming & Wrestling.
Coach Pabon will be transitioning his pursuit of a Master’s degree in Educational & Instructional Technology to Education Leadership.


To mentor, encourage, and provide the thought process necessary to enable individuals to push beyond perceived limits.
To empower the entrepreneurial spirit within each individual by providing an opportunity of limitless possibilities.

To partner with like-minded individuals who want to take control of their future & live life on their own terms.